What happens if the bike/scooter is damaged during the rental period?

Even if it is not your fault, you’re responsible of every damage the bike will have during the rental period, except the ones caused by wear and tear. Treat the bike as it would be yours.

What happens if the bike/scooter gets stolen?

If the bike gets stolen you’re responsible and you must get a Police Report. However, if you lock the bike with the provided padlock, it is very difficult it would happen.

Is it possible to get an insurance against theft or damages?

No! When you rent a bike you’re responsible for possible thefts or damages and it is not possible to insure the bikes. However, if you lock the bike with the provided padlock, it is very difficult it would happen.

If the bike gets damaged you’ll be charged with the amount decided by the technician. If the amount can’t be evaluated at the time of the bike return, we’ll write down a report on the conclusion contract with all the damages and after you’ve signed the contract we’ll contact you as soon as possible to let you know the total amount to be paid via bank transfer or online.

We offer a Civil Liability insurance included for everyone, which covers damages against third parties, things and animals.

Do I need to give you a deposit?

No, it is not necessary, but threat the bike as it would be yours and prevent theft by using the provided locks. However, if you want to rent the bike with the iPad, a 200€ deposit fee is requested and will be given back after we check that everything’s in good shape.

Can I keep the bike longer than the agreed time?

Yes, because the payment will be done when the bike is returned. However, we kindly ask you to contact us to let us know about the change, so we can regulate our bike rental flow with other customers.

Is it possible for another person to get on the bike?

No, only one (1) person is allowed on the bike, otherwise it could break! Just children up to 20kg (44lb) are allowed (with the baby seat offered at 5,00€)

What happens if I want to book a bike rental but the weather changes?

We can’t change the climate, but the right mood helps you have a better day!

Do you provide the city map?

Yes, on request, we offer you the city map.

Where can I park the bike?

Bike’s best thing is that you can park it everywhere. It is best to put the bikes in a rack, if you find it, or lock it on a railing or to something fixed. Be sure not to block traffic or an emergency exit  and don’t park it near parked cars.

Do you offer helmets too?

Yes, we offer a helmet for everyone (for free).

Do you just offer “women bikes”?

For comfort and security reasons our bikes have a unisex low bike frame, for everyone.

Is it safe to drive the bike with a children in the baby seat?

If you got experience it is safe. Never leave your child alone in the baby seat and check it before putting your child in it.

Is it possible book the bikes online?

Yes, aboslutely! You can rent our electric bikes for the morning or afternoon Tours here.

Is it possible to return the bike in an another place?

No, we just have one delivery point.

Is it possible to rent the electric bikes to kids?

Yes, if they’re 16 or older.

Is there a weight limit for the Electric Scooter Rental?

Yes, for safety reasons the limit is set to 90kg (198lbs).

How many people can get on the electric scooter?

Only one (1) person can get on the scooter as it is illegal to get on it more than one (1) person. It is even unsafe to drive with 2 people on it.

Do I need a Driver’s Licence to drive the electric scooter?

Yes and no. If you’re 18+ you don’t need the licence, however if a minor rides it (with a parent/guardian supervision), he/she needs to be 14+ with the AM Driver’s Licence.

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