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Luggage Storage - Terms and Conditions | Stunning Bike Co-Tours

Luggage Storage - Terms and  Conditions


The following definitions apply to the General Conditions of Use set out below governing luggage storage and other services offered by "Stunning Bike Co-Tours" and operated by customers.

"Stunning Bike Co-Tours" refers to Stunning Bike Co-Tours di Malinverni Andrea and defines the company that operates a luggage storage service and other services on the site;

“Traveller”: indistinctly designates the Traveller that, accepted these terms and general conditions of use and benefits from the site as a bidder or and the applicant of a luggage storage service (and other services). Travellers are solely responsible for the effective implementation of the luggage storage and other services;

“Service”: refers to the services rendered by Stunning Bike Co-Tours to a Traveller;

"Storage": refers to a set of operations and services that Stunning Bike Co-Tours carries out on the baggage collected;

“Different services”: means all additional services offered by Stunning Bike Co-Tours, such as printing services, delivery of luggage in a different place, airport transfer, etc.

“Online booking”: is the system by which users give Stunning Bike Co-Tours access to the storage booking service and different services and related payment.

“Payment”: is the amount paid by the Traveller to Stunning Bike Co-Tours, using the Stunning Bike Co-Tours platform or directly in the store, defined by the amount of luggage and the duration of booked storage or by the type of different type of services required, net of booking expenses;

“Prohibited items”: refers to any goods or materials whose transportation is prohibited by any law, rule or regulation.


Stunning Bike Co-Tours, through its website and physical shop, offers the services specified below:

- contacting, through its platform, all users who offer and require a luggage storage service and other services;

- providing an online booking service and payment management


To register and use the online or in-store service proposed by Stunning Bike Co-Tours, each user must first create a user account, providing their personal data, necessary for the proper functioning of the service. Travellers confirm that they are more than 18 years old at the time of their subscription.

Stunning Bike Co-Tours shall in no way be held responsible for the information provided by Users, which may be erroneous or fraudulent.


The storage service is for Stunning Bike Co-Tours to collect, look after and redeliver luggage at the depot booked by the Traveler, at the dates and times indicated on the booking made on site or shop.


The Traveler is required to complete and sign the luggage delivery form supplied by Stunning Bike Co-Tours and to retain the portion showing the array number, which is needed to claim baggage.


Subjects of storage may be luggage and/or packages containing merchandise or objects for which there is no legal prohibition. The Traveler assumes any liability with regards to the suitability of storage and compliance with the legal requirements of the objects entrusted to Stunning Bike Co-Tours for the service.


We are not allowed to store objects prohibited by law or considered hazardous under the national law or whose packaging may be harmful to humans, the environment or to other stored luggage. Stunning Bike Co-Tours also doesn’t accept the following items:

1 Plants and live or dead animals;

2 Degrees e negotiable certificates (bills of lading);

3 Money (paper money, coins, credit cards, and traveler's cheques);

4 Other non-negotiable money;

5 Material that could be defined as pornographic or indecent;

6 Material containing weapons or firearms

7 Software containing high-value information;

8 Technological material (iPhone, iPad, Tablet, PC, smartphones)

9 Waste;

10 Political material;

11 Dangerous materials;

12 Drugs or psychotropic substances;

13 Works of art;

14 Antiques;

15 Metal (gold and silver in any form) and precious stones;

16 Bulk goods;

17 Documents, public or private offers of investments, revenue stamps, food stamps and fuel vouchers, etc.


Is up to Stunning Bike Co-Tours to check the traveler's luggage under it's own control


Stunning Bike Co-Tours is exempted from any claim concerning the valuables eventually included in the Bag. Furthermore, the Stunning Bike Co-Tours is under no circumstances responsible for any shipping expenses of the Bag. 


Once collected by Stunning Bike Co-Tours, the baggage is stored at a cost of €5 per day and is hand-delivered exclusively to the person who has signed the document at the time of collection. Any luggage shipping costs will be borne by the traveler.


There is no refund in case of traveler cancellation


Use of the site is subject to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. When creating a User Account, Users should check the box "I accept the Terms and Conditions”.

Only acceptance of the Conditions allows users access to services offered. The acceptance of these conditions is integral and indivisible: therefore the users can not choose to only apply some of the conditions or to make reservations on them. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Traveller also accepts the "Processing of Personal Data of Users" within the meaning of the privacy policy.

For anything not expressly indicated, reference should be made and are all valid legal provisions under Italian law.
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