Our Offer

Our mission, unique in its genre, is to offer you a new way to enjoy Como in movement.

Bike Tour


The approach to discover Como is a great adventure on an electric and eco bike that will guide you without any distraction, without fatigue and in a more comfortable way: you simply have to sit and enjoy the trip.


Rent an electric bike! Every eBike is equipped with an iPad Mini that will let you discover monuments, their history and lots of curiosities (with historical pictures) with a simple tap, using green and advanced technologies in a refreshing way.

The guide is structured in 7 languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Chinese**. 
Every content is readable and listenable thanks to high quality audio that will explain in detail everything you need to know. The Tour will let you discover ancient and modern beauties. You’ll have fun discovering lots of stuff. 

Backpack and Bluetooth Headphones

You’ll be provided with a Backpack to put your personal belongings and a pair of Bluetooth Headphones to listen to the multilanguage audio of the Tour (in accordance with Article 173 of the Highway Code)


During the Tour a technician will help you face any problem, you can even get technical advices on the Bike’s usage and its accessories (iPad, Bluetooth Headphones), have support to take care of the eBikes/accessories while you visit a monument and have a delineated Tour path.

  • The electric bikes rental is possible just if weather conditions allow it, otherwise the bikes could be seriously damaged.
  • Chinese is available just for few POIs, not for the entire Tour

Option: Baby Seat

If you want to take the Tour with your children (max. 6/7 years) you can use the baby seat that we offer for € 5,00 so you can enjoy the tour together with every member of your family
(max. 2 / eBike).

Option: GoPro

Bring home the emotions felt during the Tour renting – for 15€ – a GoPro that will be mounted on a helmet (1pc available).
At the end of the Tour it will be possible to receive the video over the internet or cloud services directly to your email address! 

Standard Bikes, Bikes for children and Electric Scooters

It is possible to rent Standard Bikes, bikes for children and Electric Scooters to freely ride around the city.

Technical Computer Assistance

We offer you all our IT knowledge. To learn more click here  (Italian Version Only)