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Lake Como eBike and iPad Experience

Discover Lake Como from a completely new perspective and explore the stunning scenery by eco-friendly electric bike.

Let the bike take the strain as you navigate the scenic streets with ease. Climb aboard a bike equipped with an iPad Mini to help you discover the monuments and learn their history with a simple tap.

Benefit from advanced technologies to explore the lake in a refreshing way. Relax as the bike guides you without any distractions or fatigue.

At the end of the tour, we’ll indicate you a nice Italian restaurant where to eat delicious dishes!

Here’s some of the stops we’ll encounter during the bike tour.

Our Tours are structured in a simple and linear way to let you enjoy them.

Churches & Squares

Basilica di S. Abbondio 
Chiesa del Crocifisso 
S. Donnino  

Piazza Cavour 
Piazza Roma 
Piazza Duomo 
Piazza San Fedele 
Piazza Volta 
Piazza di Cernobbio 

Buildings, Monuments
& Attractions

Palazzo Broletto 
Teatro Sociale
Casa del Fascio 
Terme Romane 
Torre S. Vitale 
Porta Torre 
Torre Gattoni 
Museo Civico 
Rifugio Antiaereo 
The Life Electric 
Monumento ai Caduti 
Anello del miracolo 
Via Vitani 
Tempio Voltiano 
Idroscalo di Como 


Villa Saporiti  
Villa Gallia 
Villa Olmo 
Villa del Grumello 
Villa Erba