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Who is Stunning Bike Co-Tours?

Our story and our motto

Stunning Bike Co-Tours, or SBCT for friends, is a Startup born as an idea in 2015 during a long conversation on how tourists who visit the cities are disoriented on all the possibilities that the cities offer. Who never saw tourists around the major italian cities with the roadmap who try to understand what could be interesting for them, what they could do during their short stay and most of all how to move around. We did!, and the idea came down from the heaven giving us the intuition of the fact that all tourists must be helped and be given advices in a friendly way, like you do when a friend comes to visit us in our city.

Here it comes our motto: Differently Unique. Walk Less, Bike More!

Why “Differently Unique” you’d ask… we’ll explain it in just a minute. Our vision, like we’ve previously anticipated, is to create a new way to discover cities, and here it comes the fun part! Someone could say… well… what could it be a new way to discover cities other than read a map, go around, visit what you want and then go back to the hotel tired like you’ve hicked mount Everest? Well, here’s our vision. What do you think if we swap the engine that powers you and lets you sweat under the hot summer sun (your legs) with a stunning zero-impact electric bike with a unique design? and if we then give you an iPad who lets you discover the city, its monuments and their history automatically, simply when you stare at them? Let’s include a wonderful pair of headphones (obviously in accordance with the Highway Code), an helmet for your safety and a backpack to carry all your belongings during the Tour.

What do you think? Would you visit the city more comfortably in this way? This is our vision and our motto explained. Let’s recap: our idea, developed back in 2015, gave us so much excitement that we wanted to develop it for real, so we started to create contents (stories, audio etc) that you can find on our devices ready to be played today. Plus, going back to the past, we thought of our dear granpa Carlo who had for different years a bike shop where he repaired and sold bikes: he probably handed down to us this passion. Lots of time passed to create our contents … more than 1 year and a half. In the end, in mid-2016, the contents were ready! In 2016 we started long burocratic procedures to open the business, and in the end in April SBCT officially opened the operative location in Via Coloniola, 37 (near the Funicolare station).

Now we are waiting for you! If you want to get inside our vision and discover Lake Como in a completely simple and new way, never seen in any italian city before, riding an electric bike with an iPad onboard, Bluetooth Headphones, helmet, backpack and all our passion, you are so welcome

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