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The rental and usage of the bicycle (electric/standard bicycle) presupposes the customer’s unconditional knowledge and acceptance of this Regulation, the rates, the opening and closing times of Stunning Bike Co-Tours, the owner of the property based in Via Rezzonico, 32 – Como.

1. Who can benefit from the service

a. To rent a bicycle, the Customer must be over 18 years old. Use is permitted for minors of 16 years or older, upon completion by the parent / guardian / legal representative of the minor of this contract in all its parts. In case the contract will not be filled in with all the required data it will not be effective.

b. Bicycle use presupposes the physical fitness and technical expertise of those who intend to rent it. Therefore the Customer hiring the bicycle declares that he/she has adequate capacity and competence, without any reserve.

c. The Rental Service Manager may make checks on Customers while using bicycles and may require immediate return if the conditions of improper use of the vehicle are felt. The Manager may refuse rental to people in drunkenness or under the influence of narcotics (in accordance with Articles 186-187 of the Highway Code) and for other reasons to the unquestionable judgment of the Manager.

2. How to Use the Service

a. The bicycle is to be used exclusively as a means of transport and must be carefully considered by the good father of family in compliance with the rules of the Highway Code (Legislative Decree 30/04/1992, 285 and subsequent amendments and additions) to avoid damage to both the Customer and accessories. 

It is forbidden to use bicycles for commercial activities, sporting events, neither it is possible to use it by other people. 

b. The Customer is required to be at the starting location 30 minutes before the service begins. If the Customer is late, no partial or total delivery of the service is ensured. In any case, the payment for the entire service must be completed. In this case, the Manager will have the right to propose the service to other customers without having anything to expect from the customer who did not show up or who canceled the service.

c. The Customer declares that the bicycle he has taken is in perfect condition and commits to return it under the same conditions, respecting the communicated timetables, at the same place where it was hired. After taking the bicycle, the Customer must check if it is working and in perfect conditions. Otherwise, the bicycle must be handed over to the Operator immediately, informing him of the malfunction. The bicycle is deemed to be returned directly to the Operator; It can not be considered to be returned parking it outside the rental place during the closing time. Failure to return the bicycle without prior notice or otherwise not motivated by exceptional cases will be considered a crime and therefore reported to the Judicial Authority.

d. The Customer must pay the rental from its start time until the termination of the rental contract, as well as any damage, total or partial or theft, total or partial, resulting on the delivery note. The payment can be done online or on site.

e. In case of cancellation the Customer is required to inform the operator within 24 hours and based on the type of purchased ticket (Refundable or Non-Refundable) it could be possible to have a refund or not. In the event that this provision is not met, the Customer will not be entitled to a refund of the payment, if the payment has been made in advance, except any cause not attributable to the Customer (weather). TourShield option is available. This option is for the customers who want to eventually change their mind. It allows the customer to be refunded if he’s not able to join the tour for some kind of reason (only available for bookings made trough Rezgo platform). For more information, privacy policy etc, please visit: https://www.rezgo.com/support-article/what-is-ticketguardian/

f. In case of cancellation, the manager is obliged to immediately notify the Customer by email or mobile phone indicated by him in the contract, except the reimbursement of the perceived payment.

g. Payments of damages (indicated in the above section) can be made after the damage is found (if possible) otherwise they will be paid by the credit card of the Customer which is scanned during the checkin process, so the Customer authorizes the owner to acquire the details of the credit card to pay damages with the withdrawal of the amount from the credit card. The details are available to the Owner and are not visible in the printed copy of this contract to preserve the privacy of the Customer.

h. The Customer aknowledges and is aware that the bikes are equipped with a tracking device to prevent theft and to ensure safety.

3. Customer’s Responsibility

a. The Manager declines all forms of liability in the event of improper use of the bicycle or failure to comply with the Code of the Highway Code.

b. In case of loss of keys, bicycle accessories or damage, the Operator will require the Customer the payment to restore the vehicle to its original state, based on the cost of the repair and the Main Damage Compensation List.

c. The Customer is considered responsible for everything that happens to the bicycle and will have to keep it with the diligence of the good father of family. In case of theft of the bicycle, the Customer must immediately notify the incident to the Manager and submit a copy of the Police Report. Stunning Bike Co-Tours provides a chain for every bike, so it is up to the Customer to use it properly. Furthermore, even if not mandatory by law, Stunning Bike Co-Tours advises to wear a protection helmet.

The Customer will also have to pay the Manager the entire value of the bicycle and the accessories as indicated in the Main Damage Compensation List.

If the damage will be higher than the bicycle value, the Customer will be responsible for it.

d. The Customer is responsible for any damage caused to the electric/standard bicycle in each component and accessory (iPad, Headsets etc…) until it is returned to the Operator as of the Main Damage Compensation List. No claim must be filed to the Manager.

e. The Customer is also liable for all direct and indirect damages caused to third parties (people, things, animals) as well as to himself / herself and to his / her property / people as a consequence of the use of the electric bicycle with consequent obligation to directly compensate all the caused damages to the Operator. Electric Bikes are not to be intended to be used in any case other than urban environment, with paved roads. This kind of bike can be damaged if used differently and the Customer will have to compensate the caused damages in case anything happens to the bike. 

f. In the event of an accident and / or accident involving the Customer or the bicycle, he / she is obliged to immediately notify the Operator.

 g. If the bicycle is found or recovered, the amount paid will be immediately returned to the Customer  deducted of the expense for any damage found.

h. The Customer is relieved of any theft-related liability solely and exclusively if he / she is victim of an assault and only if he or she demonstrates the occurrence with a specific complaint made to the competent authorities.

i. The Manager is never responsible for any damage caused to the Customer by third parties (people, things, animals) while using the vehicle. He is also never liable for any loss, theft or destruction of objects on board the bicycle during use, including the eventual phone put on the phone holder placed on the dashboard of the bike.

j. The bikes for rent are to be considered for use during the opening hours of the shop, when sunlight is present, and are not to be considered for use in the period after sunset, or in any case in the absence of light, as the bikes are not equipped with devices to provide sufficient lighting for use in the its absence. In case of non-compliant use, Stunning Bike Co-Tours assumes no responsibility in case of problems of any kind.

4. Manager’s Responsibilities

a. In accordance with the general rules of liability for damages and liability of the manufacturer of a defective item, for damage to the Customer and / or third parties, the Operator is only liable if the damage is due to the failure of the bicycle’s technical parts and for causes chargeable to the Operator.

b. The Manager accompanies the Customer in the exclusive case of an eventual goods theft owned by the Manager and and for eventual technical problems.The Manager is not responsible to take back the customer to the rental office in case of accidental damages (punctures etc…) except for exceptional cases, for an extra amount to be evaluated.

5. Applicable Rules

a. As far as not mentioned in this regulation, the relationship between the parties (contractors) is governed by the rules of the Civil Code.

6. Competent Forum

a. For any dispute arising between the Parties, the competent forum is located in Como.

7. Insurance Coverage

a. A civil liability insurance has been activated and insures the Customer against liability for injuries caused to third parties or accidental damage to third party assets deriving from the use of a Stunning Bike Co-Tours Bike. The insurance is only valid within a specific territory, delimited in a few kilometers near Stunning Bike Co-Tours’ office, located in Via Coloniola, 37 – 22100 Como, and it is never available outside Italy. In case the Customer crosses the Italian border or goes too far from the Stunning Bike Co-Tours’ office, he/she takes the full responsibility over the RC insurance.

b. The cost of insurance is included in the rate and the Customer cannot waive the insurance.

c. The insurance does not provide coverage in relation to any injury or damage that the Customer may suffer in the event of an accident.

d. The Customer acknowledges and is aware that Stunning Bike Co-Tours suggests activating suitable insurance coverage in relation to the use of the Service.

e. To this end, the Customer can activate the coverage he deems most appropriate with insurance companies of his trust in order to protect damages deriving from the use of the bike on his person.

The validity of this contract is strictly related to the Italian version, as of the article n. 9 of the Italian Consumption Code. The original Italian version of these terms and conditions is translated into other languages. The translated version is a courtesy

 and office translation only and you cannot derive any rights from the translated version. In the event of a dispute about the contents or interpretation of these terms and conditions or inconsistency or discrepancy between the Italian version and any other language version of these terms and conditions, the Italian language version to the extent permitted by law shall apply, prevail and be conclusive. The Italian version is available on our website (under Terms and Conditions).


    • Bring a valid Government-issued ID to proceed with the checkin
    • The eBike can be used by children aged 16 years or older. For children under 7 years old (or up to 20 kilograms) a child seat is available
    • Minimum height in order to participate is 160 cm (5’3”)
    • The tour is subject to cancelation in bad weather. 100% Reimbursment of the paid amount (excl. Bank change fee)
    • Theft Insurance not available: in case of theft or damage 600€ (Standard Bikes), 900€ (City eBikes) or 1000€ Pro Mountain Bike will be charged at the rental location and other prices will apply in case of damage to accessories. Please check out the contract when signing the contract.

Ticket Types

The cancellation policy is based on the ticket you choose.

      • Refundable Tickets. This Ticket Type, CAN be refunded within 24h prior the start of the Tour without any cancellation fee (except credit card processing fees). With this Ticket Type the booking can be refunded within 24h prior the start and you’ll be refunded the paid amount except the Refundable Ticket Fee.

Example: the ticket costs 50€, you pay 60€ as the total with the refundable ticket option, and in case of cancellation you will get 50€.

        • If you don’t select this option, it won’t be possible to be refunded in any case.
        • This option is not retroactive, meaning it is not possible to choose it after the booking is done
      • Non-Refundable Tickets. This Ticket Type CAN’T be refunded within 24h prior the start of the Tour, and no refund will be allowed. By not selecting the Refundable Ticket, you’ll automatically be entitled for the Non-Refundable Ticket.


This option, only available for Tours booked trough the Rezgo platform, permits , trough the payment of an extra fee, to be refunded in case of cancellation.


Ticket Options

Date Change, Overnight, Late Checkout, Tax.

    • Date Change-> Possibility to change the booking date up to 24 hours before the first booked date, and can only be done once for the entire booking cycle. Example: booking made for February 26th, it is possible to make the change within February 25th and only for that time.
    • Overnight-> Possibility to keep the bike after the closing time of the shop, until the next day’s opening. Not applicable for electric bikes.
    • Late Checkout -> Possibility to bring back the bike after the shop closure, based on the chosen time.
    • Tax-> Select if an invoice for tax purposes is needed. 2€ will be added (government tax).
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